iconsCloset Cleansing

To sort through existing wardrobe, organize and cleanse.

  • Closet purging; going through the entire closet, getting rid of everything that does not fit, needs fixing,  is outdated, or no longer fits clients style
  • Closet organization, so that everything is accessible and easy to find
  • Shopping in your own closet;  Finding new ways to wear old things or simply resurrecting the pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten about

Outfit Coordination

This service helps create complete outfits with existing wardrobe

  • Putting together pieces, including outer wear and accessories to create complete outfits
  • Documenting outfits for clients so they always have reference for future use
  • Creating a shopping list of items missing in wardrobe to create complete looks

Personal Shopping


Necessary shopping to fill in what is missing in existing wardrobe and to update the wardrobe as needed

  • Shopping with client; helping select options for them to try on in the stores, usually to create full wardrobe modules to update season or to fill in gaps.  This service usually requires 1-2 hours of pre shopping time to make the most of the time with the client in the dressing room.
  • Wardrobe Management; Shopping for the client, picking up required pieces or updated pieces and bringing items to the client at their home


Travel Wardrobe and Packing

Making your suitcase as easy to dress from as your closet

  • Creating a modular collection of easy travel pieces that are low maintence and will keep you looking stylish where ever your travels take you, making packing a worry free process.
  • Assisting to pack organized and complete luggage for any type of trip.


Special Event Outfit Coordination

For an event that you need a very special outfit.

  • Consists of a 30 minute style consultation to decide on the look the client desires for the event.
  • Three to six hours of personal shopping to find all the pieces to complete the entire look.
  • Consultations on hair and makeup.


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