About Me – Bianca Stark-Falcone, AICI

Bianca is a Wardrobe Consultant based in Marin County California

“Clothes should reflect who you are, what you do, and what your values are, not what your body looks like.”Bianca_brownOutfit-500h

Bianca Stark-Falcone is a talented wardrobe stylist with sophisticated taste and an innate understanding of how to use fashion to best flatter the human body.  As a style consultant and personal shopper Bianca has helped many satisfied clients update their wardrobes and create an image that represents them best.

Bianca Stark- Falcone has been involved in the fashion industry all her life.  Growing up with a mother in the industry, many of her first jobs involved research for fashion trends, history of costume, and marketing in the fashion industry.  Her extensive experience in retail furthered her knowledge and interest in fashion.  Working in retail also gave her an early education on how to dress well and create great outfits for others.

Bianca has a B.A. in the visual arts from UCSC.  Being an artist has given her a great eye for color and a strong understanding of the human body.  Her highly developed visual eye has also helped Bianca’s understanding of how clothing has an effect on a person’s image.  She has learned to blend classic looks with the latest trends to create updated and flattering styles that silently say just the right thing.

Bianca began to dabble in wardrobe consulting when a few friends, who hated to shop were starting new jobs, or making career changes and didn’t have the right wardrobe to fit their new lives.  Her natural sense of style and classic taste, as well as her background in retail and talent for efficient shopping, helped these friends so much that they sent their friends to her.  Now Bianca is helping many people with their wardrobe and image updating needs.  Bianca loves to help people create a stylish and workable wardrobe that enriches their lives.

Bianca works with her clients to create a style that reflects their personality and how they want to represent themselves.  She also helps them build a wardrobe that they can confidently use.  Building a confident and stylish wardrobe that works for all aspects of her client’s life is always Bianca’s goal.

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